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DFSX Radio Streaming Guide

Welcome! Please make a selection of a radio station to listen to.

Rez Radio 91.3

Rich Bro Radio

Energy 98

C89.5 FM

Groove Radio

Radio Paradise

Great Big Radio

Radio Margaritaville

That 70's Channel

KTNN 660, Window Rock, AZ - Country and Native American

KPIG-FM 107.5, Freedom, CA - AAA

KKJZ 88.1, Long Beach - jazz

KSDS 88.3, San Diego - jazz

KNSJ 89.1, San Diego - public radio

KPBS 89.5, San Diego - NPR affiliated public radio

KCRW 89.9, Santa Monica - public radio

KLRD 90.1, Yucapia - christian adult rock from Air1 Radio Network

KPFK 90.7, Los Angeles - Pacifica Radio

91X alternative rock

KCR College Radio, (San Diego State University) - eclectic

KSDT College Radio, (University San Diego) - eclectic

KKSM Palomar College, "Comet 1320 AM", Oceanside - alternative

KGFN Grossmont College FM, - eclectic

WsRadio, Carlsbad - talk topics

WorldTalkRadio.com, San Diego - talk programming

Key56, Classic Soul , R&B, Jazz, Funk, Gospel and Today's R&B Along with Selected Talk Programing.

Mega Clusters

Tune In Radio


Radio Dot Com


Internet Radio Dot Com

Suggest a Streaming Radio Station

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