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Schedule 1965-66:

ABC: (according to Wikipedia)
10am - Shenanigans
10:30 - The Beatles
11am - The New Casper Cartoon Show
11:30 - The Porky Pig Show
12pm - The Bugs Bunny Show
12:30 - Milton the Monster
1pm - Hoppity Hooper
1:30 - American Bandstand (30 min)

ABC: (at least from June)
10am - The Porky Pig Show
10:30 - The Beatles
11am - The New Casper Cartoon Show
11:30 - The Magilla Gorilla Show
12pm - The Bugs Bunny Show
12:30 - Milton the Monster
1pm - The Advetnures of Hoppity Hooper
1:30 - The New American Bandstand

ABC Sundays
10:30 - Beany and Cecil
11am - Bullwinkle
11:30 - Discovery

8am - Captain Kangaroo
9am - Heckle and Jeckle Show
9:30 - Tennnesee Tuxedo and His Tales
10am - Mighty Mouse Playhouse
10:30 - Linus the Lionhearted
10:30 - Lassie (in June 1966 or earlier)
11am - Tom and Jerry
11:30 - Quick Draw McGraw
12pm - Sky King
12:30 - Lassie
12:30 - Linus the Lionhearted (in June 1966 or earlier)
1pm - My Friend Flicka
1:30 - The CBS Saturday News

9am - The Jetsons
9:30 - Atom Ant Show
10am - Secret Squirrel Show
10:30 - Underdog
11am - Top Cat
11:30 - Fury
12pm - First Look At...
12:30 - Exploring (30 minutes)

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