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Retro Southern California TV Guides

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Retro Southern California TV Guides Main Page April 4, 1988 July 30, 1986 October 11, 1983 March 28, 1983 Oct 1, 1982 August 21, 1982 August 16, 1982 May 15, 1982 May 14, 1982 February 18, 1982 Feb 3, 1981 November 4, 1980 November 2, 1980 November 1, 1980 April 18, 1980 September 13, 1979 July 19, 1979 July 9, 1979 April 2, 1976 January 22, 1976 September 29, 1975 January 24, 1975 September 10, 1974 July 2, 1973 February 14, 1973 January 22, 1973 January 21, 1973 June 20, 1972 September 11, 1971 September 6-10, 1971 September 5, 1971 Oct 25, 1970 June 6, 1969 Sept 18, 1967 Sept 17, 1967 Apr 16, 1967 February 21, 1966 February 8, 1961 July 6, 1963 Aug 15, 1960 Dec 5, 1959
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