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RETRO LOS ANGELES TV - Friday, May 14, 1982

Source: The Press-Courier via Google News Archive.

02 - KNXT (CBS)
5:00 Summer Semester
5:30 Juntos
6:00 L.A. Morning
6:30 Captain Kangaroo
7:00 CBS Morning News
9:00 One Day at a Time
9:30 Alice
10:00 Price is Right
11:00 Tattletales
11:30 Young and the Restless
12:30 As the World Turns
1:30 Capitol
2:00 Guiding Light
3:00 Barnaby Jones
4:00 Barney Miller
4:30 News
7:00 CBS Evening News
7:30 2 on the Town
Featured: a new theory of the 80s... a link between promiscuity and cancer, a look at professional wrestling, an historical look at the Hearst Movietone news reels.
8:00 The Dukes of Hazzard
Daisy is appointed Honorary County Treasurer on the day the bank is robbed.
9:00 Dallas
J.R. attempts to stop Dusty from protecting Sue Ellen and John Ross.
10:00 Nurse
A recently widowed friend of Mary's temporarily moves in with her.
11:00 News
11:30 NBA Basketball Playoffs

04 - KNBC (NBC)
5:45 History of Mexico
6:15 Health Field
6:45 News
7:00 Today
9:00 Diff'rent Strokes
9:30 Wheel of Fortune
10:00 Texas
11:00 The Doctors
11:30 Search for Tomorrow
12:00 Days of Our Lives
1:00 Another World
2:00 CHiPs
3:00 Donahue
4:00 Mary Tyler Moore
4:30 Bob Newhart
5:00 News
7:00 NBC Nightly News
7:30 Family Feud
8:00 Jokebook
The world's top animators illustrate classic short jokes and other humorous vignettes.
8:30 Chicago Story
Wajorski risks his career and his life when he infiltrates a big syndicate.
10:00 McClain's Law
McClain is baffled by a series of seemingly random slayings until a specialist points him toward members of a secretive prison gang. (part 1)
11:00 News
11:30 Tonight Show with Johnny Carson
12:30 SCTV Network

05 - KTLA (Ind)
5:30 Jimmy Swaggart
6:00 Hot Fudge
6:30 80's Woman
7:00 700 Club
8:30 Leave it to Beaver
9:00 Ozzie and Harriet
9:30 The Rifleman
10:00 Big Valley
11:00 Bonanza
12:00 The Twilight Zone
1:00 Hour Magazine
2:00 John Davidson
3:00 Richard Simmons
4:00 Couples
4:30 Entertainment Tonight
5:00 Little House on the Prairie
6:00 Charlie's Angels
7:00 Happy Days Again
7:30 Laverne and Shirley and Company
8:00 Movie: "The Three Musketeers" (1974) Oliver Reed, Raquel Welch.
In 17th-century France, three dashing adventurers come to the aid of King Louis XIII when they learn that his crafty cleric, Cardinal Richelieu, is hatching a nasty plot against him.
10:00 News
11:00 Saturday Night
12:00 Entertainment Tonight
The conclusion of a two-part report on male soap opera stars.
12:30 Couples
1:00 Movie: "Attack of the Puppet People" (1958) John Agar, John Hoyt.

07 - KABC (ABC)

6:00 People 7
6:30 Daybreak LA
7:00 Good Morning America
9:00 AM Los Angeles
10:00 The Love Boat
11:00 Family Feud
11:30 Ryan's Hope
12:00 All My Children
1:00 One Life to Live
2:00 General Hospital
3:00 The Edge of Night
3:30 People's Court
4:00 News
5:30 ABC World News Tonight
6:00 World Welterweight Championship
Sugar Ray Leonard defends his Unified World Welterweight crown against number 3-ranked contender Roger Stafford. Also, Edwin Rosario takes on Edwin Viruet in a 10-round lightweight fight. Live from Memorial Auditorium in Buffalo, NY.
8:00 Benson
It appears that Governor Gatling and Benson are out of jobs when the gubernatorial election ends in a three-way tie.
8:30 Maggie
When Mark's grades begin to slide, a psychologist recommends that Len project a more masculine image to his son.
9:00 Movie: "The Stone Killer" (1973) Charles Bronson, Martin Balsam.
An underworld kingpin trains Vietnamese veterans to eliminate his enemies.
11:00 News
11:30 Nightline
12:00 Fridays

09 - KHJ (Ind)
6:00 Community Feedback
6:30 It Can Be Done
7:00 The Froozles
7:30 There is a Way
8:00 Jim Bakker
9:00 Jack LaLanne
9:30 Mid Morning LA
11:00 Bullseye
11:30 Match Game
12:00 Movie: "Blood on the Moon" (1948) Robert Mitchum, Barbara Bel Geddes.
2:00 Ironside
3:00 Movie: "Way, Way Out" (1966) Jerry Lewis, Connie Stevens.
5:00 The Saint
6:00 White Shadow
7:00 Kojak
8:00 Encore News
Highlights from June 10, 1968. Robert Kennedy, who was shot while campaigning is buried, James Earl Ray, who assassinated Martin Luther King, is captured, the USS Scorpion is lust under sea, Icarus the Asteroids comes into view.
8:30 Eric Sevareid's Chronicle
9:00 All God's Children
Millions of the world's children live in a delicate balance between life and death, hope and despair.
10:00 News
11:00 You Asked for It
11:30 Kojak
12:30 Movie: "Way, Way Out" (1966) Jerry Lewis, Connie Stevens.

11 - KTTV (Ind)
5:30 University of the Air
6:00 Jimmy Swaggart
6:30 Great Space Coaster
7:00 Bugs Bunny and Friends
7:30 The Flinstones
8:00 Tom and Jerry
9:00 I Love Lucy
9:30 Bewitched
10:00 I Dream of Jeannie
10:30 Ghost and Mrs. Muir
11:00 Women's Page
11:30 News
12:00 Movie: "The Perils of Pauline" (1947) Betty Hutton, John Lund.
2:00 Open Line
2:30 Bewitched
3:00 Waltons
4:00 Brady Bunch
5:00 Welcome Back, Kotter
5:30 Carol Burnett and Friends
6:00 The Jeffersons
6:30 All in the Family
7:00 M*A*S*H
8:00 PM Magazine
A rare panda born in captivity in a Mexico City zoo; a former Playboy bunny who joined the Marines.
8:30 All in the Family
Archie is caught between sympathy and self-preservation when the other woman from his past really needs his help.
9:00 Merv Griffin Show
"Superstar Models".
10:00 News
11:00 M*A*S*H
11:30 Sonny and Cher
12:30 Movie: "Dracula vs. Frankenstein" (1971) J. Carroll Naish, Lon Chaney.

13 - KCOP (Ind)
6:00 News
6:15 Film that Teach
6:30 Felix the Cat
7:00 Fred Flinstone and Friends
7:30 Cartoons
8:30 Woody Woodpecker
9:00 Romper Room
9:30 Movie: "Red River Range" (1938) John Wayne, Ray Corrigan.
10:30 Independent Network News
11:00 Love, American Style
12:00 Movie: "South Sea Woman" (1953) Burt Lancaster, Virginia Mayo.
2:00 Superman
2:30 Emergency
3:00 Mighty Mouse
4:00 Scooby Doo
4:30 Bugs Bunny and Friends
5:00 Scooby Doo
5:30 Good Times
6:00 Hawaii Five-O
7:00 Joker's Wild
7:30 Tic Tac Dough
8:00 Battlestar Galactica
An alien with mysterious powers joins the Galactican fleet and promises the people a successful end to their search for Farth. (part 1)
9:00 Battlestar Galactica
The mysterious alien grants the Galacticans three wishes in exchange for their bling allegiance. (part 2)
10:00 News
10:30 Independent Network News
11:00 Benny Hill
11:30 Sanford and Son
12:00 Love, American Style
12:30 News
1:00 Movie: "Torture: Chamber O' Dr. Sadism" (1969) Christopher Lee, Lex Barker.

22 - KWHY (Ind)
6:45 Stock Market Coverage
12:00 News
12:30 Stock Market Coverage
1:00 Stock Market Closing Activities
1:30 Charting the Market
2:00 Movie: "The Boy Friend" (1971) Twiggy, Christopher Gable.
4:00 KBS Show
5:00 KBS Drama
7:00 Movie: "He Knows You're Alone" (1980) Don Scardino, Caitlin O'Heaney.
9:00 Movie: "Nobody's Perfect" (1981) Gabe Kaplan, Alex Karras.
11:00 Movie: "Cinderella" (1977) Cheryl Smith, Kirk Scott.
12:30 Movie: "Scanners" (1981) Jennifer O'Neill, Patrick McGoohan.

28 - KCET (PBS)
6:00 Understanding Human Behavior
6:30 ABC News (CC)
7:00 Nightly Business Report
7:30 Yoga for Health
8:00 Big Blue Marble
8:30 Villa Alegre
9:00 Sesame Street
10:00 Educational programming
11:00 Why in the World?
11:30 MacNeil/Lehrer Report
12:00 Dick Cavett
12:30 Over Easy
1:00 Educational programming
3:00 Hillary's Challenge: Race to the Sky
4:00 The Electric Company
4:30 Mister Rogers
5:00 Sesame Street
6:00 Over Easy
7:00 Nightly Business Report
7:30 MacNeil/Lehrer Report
8:00 Washington Week in Review
8:30 Wall Street Week
What's new in computers.
9:00 Creativity with Bill Moyers
Three female artists explore the conflict of professional creativity versus raising a family.
9:30 Japan, Inc.
A look is taken at the progress that has been made in terms of quality and quantity of products being assembled in Japan.
10:00 Tony Brown's Journal
Tony Brown examines the role of women in the traditionally male-dominated black leadership.
10:30 California Week in Review
11:00 Dick Cavett
11:30 Newsbeat: Los Angeles Week in Review
12:00 sign-off

Surrounding areas

03 - KEYT (ABC) Santa Barbara
6:00 Morning Stretch
6:30 Jimmy Swaggart
7:00 Good Morning America
9:00 Richard Simmons
9:30 Morning Show
10:00 The Love Boat
11:00 Family Feud
11:30 Ryan's Hope
12:00 All My Children
1:00 One Life to Live
2:00 General Hospital
3:00 The Edge of Night
3:30 My Three Sons
4:00 Laverne and Shirley and Company
4:30 Happy Days Again
5:00 News
5:30 ABC World News Tonight
6:00 World Welterweight Championship
Live from Memorial Auditorium in Buffalo, NY.
8:00 Benson
8:30 Maggie
9:00 To Light a Candle
10:00 All God's Children
11:00 News
11:30 Nightline
12:00 Fridays
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