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Los Angeles Area-Friday June 6, 1969

From the Press Courier, 45 years ago. The paper didn't list a legend for the stations, only the channel numbers. I had to guess the station call letters from other posts here, so if something's incorrect, that's the reason. I love reading these old schedules. Even though there are so few channels, there's so many things on this schedule that I'd watch today if i could. Yet I have satellite service with God knows how many channels, and there's nothing I want to watch now!

06:00 Summer Semester (C)
06:30 Odyssey
07:00 News -Joseph Benti (C)
07:30 News -Joseph Benti (C)
08:00 Captain Kangaroo (C)
09:00 The Lucy Show
09:30 Beverly Hillbillies
10:00 Andy of Mayberry
10:30 Dick Van Dyke Show
11:00 Love of Life (C)
11:30 Search for Tomorrow (C)
12:00 Boutique (C)
12:30 As the World Turns (C)
01:00 Love Is a Many Splendored Thing (C)
01:30 Guiding Light (C)
02:00 The Secret Storm (C)
02:30 Edge of Night (C)
03:00 House Party (C)
03:30 Lucky Pair (C)
04:00 Early Show "Our Man in Havana"
06:00 News -Jerry Dunphy (C)
07:00 News- Walter Conkrite (C)
07:30 Wild, Wild West ("Night of the Egyptian Queen")
08:30 Gomer Pyle, USMC ("A Star Is Not Born")
09:00 Movie (C) "Lisa"
11:00 News -Jerry Dunphy (C)
11:30 Movie: "The Marrying Kind"
01:15 Movie: "The Barefoot Mailman"

06:30 Educational Exchange
07:00 Today Show (C)
09:00 It Takes Two (C)
09:30 Concentration (C)
10:00 Personality (C)
10:30 Hollywood Squares (C)
11:00 Jeopardy (C)
11:30 Eye Guess (C)
12:00 Hidden Faces (C)
12:30 Days of Our Lives (C)
01:00 The Doctors (C)
01:30 Another World (C)
02:00 You Don't Say (C)
02:30 Match Game (C)
03:00 P.D.Q. (C)
03:30 The Mike Douglas Show (C)
05:00 News Service (C) (with Jess Marlow, Peter Burns, Robert Abernathy)
06:00 News -Huntley-Brinkley (C)
06:30 News -Abernathy (C)
07:30 High Chaparral (C) ("Ebenezer")
08:30 Name of the Game (C) ("The White Birch")
10:00 The Saint (C) ("Interlude in Venice")
11:00 News -Tom Brokaw C)
11:30 Johnny Carson (C)
01:00 News (C)

06:30 Teacher In Service
07:00 Exercise With Gloria (C)
07:30 Morning Show (Host: Ed Nelson) (C)
09:00 Prize Movie: "Homestretch" (C)
11:00 Galloping Gourmet (C)
11:30 Anniversary Game (C)
12:00 Bewitched
12:30 Funny You Should Ask (C)
01:00 Dream House (C)
01:30 Let's Make a Deal (C)
02:00 Newlywed Game (C)
02:30 Dating Game (C)
03:00 General Hospital (C)
03:30 One Life to Live (C)
04:00 Dark Shadows (C)
04:30 News Hour (C) (with Bill Bonds, Carl George Stu Nahan, Jim Healy)
05:30 News -Frank Reynolds (C)
06:00 D-Day Revisited (C)
07:00 Il Mondo (C) ("Bangkok, Land of Peace")
07:30 Let's Make a Deal (C)
08:00 John Davidson (C)
08:30 Generation Gap (C)
09:00 Judd for the Defense (C) ("Between the Dark and the Daylight")
10:00 Dick Cavett (C) (guests: Lillian Gish, Lynn Redgrave, Richard Boone)
11:00 News (C) -Bonds/Nahan
11:30 Joey Bishop (C)
01:00 News (C)

09:30 Ranch and Farm Report (C)
09:45 News -Dick McAleer
10:00 Movie: "Abandoned"
12:00 Bewitched
12:30 Funny You Should Ask (C)
01:00 Dream House (C)
01:30 Let's Make a Deal (C)
02:00 Newlywed Game (C)
02:30 Dating Game (C)
03:00 General Hospital (C)
03:30 One Life to Live (C)
04:00 Movie: "Abandoned"
05:30 Western Theater
06:00 News (C) -Frank Reynolds
06:30 News (C) -Bill Huddy
07:00 Dark Shadows (C)
07:30 Sports (C) -Bill Bertka
08:00 Movie: (C) "Ocean's 11"
10:00 Dick Cavett (C) (guests: Lillian Gish, Lynn Redgrave, Richard Boone)
11:00 News (C) -Bill Huddy
11:30 Joey Bishop (C)
01:00 News -Dick McAleer

CHANNEL 11 KTTV (Independent)
06:30 University of the Air
07:00 Mr. Wishbone (C)
07:30 The Flintstones (C)
08:00 Mighty Mouse Show (C)
08:30 Bugs Bunny (C)
09:00 Jack La Lanne (C)
09:30 Dennis the Menace
10:00 Truth or Consequences (C)
10:30 From the Inside Out (C)
11:00 Sheriff John (C)
12:00 News (C) -Jack Latham
12:30 Movie (C) "Volcano"
03:00 New Horizons for Hope (C)
03:30 My Favorite Martian
04:00 The Flintstones (C)
04:30 News (C) -George Putnam
05:30 Pay Cards (C)
06:00 I Love Lucy
07:00 Password (C)
07:30 Truth or Consequences (C)
08:00 Hazel (C)
08:30 Merv Griffin (C) (guests: David Janssen, Rosalind Kind, London Lee, Jimmy Helms)
10:00 News (C) -George Putnam
11:00 Liar's Club (C)
11:30 Donald O'Connor (C) (guests: Pat Paulsen, Otis Young, Michael Dees)
01:00 From the Inside Out (C)
01:30 77 Sunset Strip

CHANNEL 13 KCOP (Independent)
07:00 Felix the Cat
07:30 Adventures of Gumby (C)
08:00 Rocket Robin Hood (C)
08:30 Gumby
09:00 Underdog (C)
09:30 News Parade
09:45 Spanish II
10:00 Spanish I
10:15 Mr. Merchandising
10:30 Roy Rogers
11:00 Romper Room
11:30 Beat the Odds (C)
12:00 News (C) -Bill Johns
12:30 Dialing for Dollars -Alan Sloane
01:30 Joan Rivers (C)
02:00 Movie "The Rossiter Case"
03:00 Felix the Cat
03:30 Hobo Kelly (C)
04:30 Bozo's Big Top (C)
05:00 The Addams Family
05:30 Gilligan's Island (C)
06:00 Batman (C)
06:30 Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (C)
07:30 Perry Mason
08:30 Run for Your Life (C) ("I Am the Late Diana Hays")
09:30 Fashion Show (C) "Touch of Fantasy"
10:30 News (C) -Bill Johns
11:00 Movie: "Tunes of Glory"
12:30 Movie "Gangster Story"

CHANNEL 22 KWHY (Independent)
07:15 Internal Revenue Film
07:30 Sun Shine Islands
08:00 Sagebrush Theatre
09:00 Big Picture
09:30 Mr. & Mrs. North
10:15 Glencannon
10:30 3rd Man
11:00 Lake Wilderness
11:30 Peter Gunn
01:15 Market Summary
02:00 Technical Corner

03:00 Cancion De La Raza
05:15 Friendly Giant
05:30 Mister Roger's Neighborhood
06:00 What's New
06:30 Book Beat
07:00 Challenge (C) "Vocational Education"
07:30 City Watchers
08:30 Wars of the Roses "The Inheritance"
09:30 Adventure
10:00 Science Review

CHANNEL 9 KHJ (Independent)
07:30 Paul Harvey Bible Story
08:00 Abbott & Costello (C) -cartoons
08:30 Popeye, The Sailor (C)
09:00 Dick Tracy (C)
09:30 Movie: "Little Old New York"
11:15 News (C) -Doug Dudley
11:30 Tempo I -Bob Dorman/Roy Elwell
02:45 News -Ted Meyers
03:00 Frandsen's Feature: ("No, My Darling Daughter")
05:00 Groovy Show (C)
05:30 Twilight Zone
06:00 I Spy (C)
07:00 What's My Line? (C)
07:30 Movie: "The Seven Year Itch"
09:30 News -Ted Meyers
10:00 Della Reese (C)
11:00 Movie: "Jack the Ripper"
12:30 Movie: "Murder on Approval"

CHANNEL 5 KTLA (Independent)
08:30 Stingray
09:30 Movie: "Major and the Minor"
12:00 Movie: "Big Brown Eyes"
01:30 Father Knows Best
02:00 Love That Bob
02:30 Girl Talk
03:00 Highway Patrol
03:30 Divorce Court
04:00 Ozzie and Harriet
04:30 The Westerners
05:00 News (with Tom Reddin, Hal Fishman, Tom Harmon)
06:00 Steve Allen (C) (guests: Sarah Vaughn, Phil Foster, Guy Marks, Jayne Meadows)
07:30 Jack Benny (guest: Frankie Avalon)
08:00 Zane Grey
08:30 Seven Seas (C)
09:00 Playboy After Dark (C) (guests: Jim Webb, Gloria Loring, The Checkmates, Hendra & Ullett, Harry Blackstone, Jr.)
10:00 News -Tom Reddin
11:00 Alfred Hitchcock
11:30 Movie: "Louisiana Purchase"
01:00 Country Music (C)

03:45 El Seguro Social
04:00 Desfile De Noticias
04:15 El Mundo Femenine
04:30 La Duda
05:00 Un Canto de Mexico
05:30 El Anchivo Del Dr. Moran
06:00 Color Para Esta Piel
06:30 Noticiero -Alex Nervo
07:30 To Be Announced
08:00 Lucecita (C)
08:30 Nochec Tapatias
09:00 Estelares 34
09:30 Festival en Madrid
10:00 Mariana
10:30 Fallaste Corazon
11:00 Noticiero -Alex Nervo
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